Assisting aspiring young artists


Frequently Asked Questions

#2 Q: Do I get to choose my child’s instructor?

A: YES, we believe the students should meet with the potential instructors so you can make sure the relationship is a good fit.

#3 Q: What if my child is older than 3 and a beginner?

A: IMC will try to combine students at the same skill level no matter the age, but we prefer to group kids closer in age. 

#4 Q: What if my child doesn’t like his/her instructor?

A: By the time a student begins they have already met with the available instructors and should have decided which one they prefer before instruction has started.  If it turns out that he Teacher/Student relationship is not satisfactory, then the Teacher and Student’s family will review the options available at that time.

#5 Q: What if my child is ahead of their age group?

A: IMC instructors will advance children who’s skill set surpasses the current level, if they deem the child mature enough to handle the environment of older students. 

#6 Q: How many private one on one lessons will my child be receiving each week?

A: Core Program includes 1 Private Lesson per week.  Additional time may be purchased to enhance the student’s musical education.

#7 Q: How do I enroll?

A: Please visit our school or request an electronic copy be emailed to you.  We currently do not offer online registration.  Payment must be made in person or by phone.  972.881.1915 or

#8 Q: What are the prices and how often do I pay?

A: Our programs can be purchased in lump sums or we can set up a payment plan.  Our rates are listed on the website and a registration fee plus the first month’s fees must be made prior to the start of class.

#9 Q: Can I request a teacher?

A: You can request any teacher you choose.  Our Master Class faculty are different from our core teachers and may have a higher rate for private instruction or limited availability.  Please inquire for more details for by calling or by email.

#10 Q: Can I reschedule any lessons if need be?

A: Please give IMC 24 hour notice of a potential absence.  If 24 hour notice cannot be given, please call ASAP.  We will try to reschedule your lesson at the next available opportunity.

#11 Q: What if my teacher cancels?

A: IMC teachers will try to respect your schedule and will try to have your lesson covered or rescheduled in a timely manner.

#12 Q: May I observe a class before enrolling?

A: You may schedule a tour anytime.  Please call for available times.

#13 Q: How is this different than only going through a private teacher?

A: The core program allows students to learn the importance of playing as a group and helps them develop the performance skills, where private lessons are better for certain skill development.

#14 Q: Do I need to buy an instrument?

A: IMC has arrangements with Kelin Violins (next door) to provide instruments for rental purposes at a discounted rate.

#16 Q: How often should my child practice?

A: Every student should practice every day.  The amount time depends on age and skill set.

#17 Q: Is there a trial period so I can see if my child enjoys it?

A: Of course.  IMC will allow you to participate in a trial program for one week at a discounted rate.

#18 Q: What age ranges does your school serve?

A: We offer programs for every student age 2-100.  If you are willing to learn, we are willing to teach you.

#19 Q: Do I need to stay with my child during the first lesson?

A: That would depend on your student’s needs.  Small children often feel safer if a parent is with them and then over time the parent can opt out as the student’s comfort level increases.