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Tracking $  65.00/per hour Filming and Setup $ 95.00/per hour
Mixing $  65.00/per hour Post Production and Editing $ 50.00/per hour
Mastering $ 60.00/per song
* 25% discount for IMC Students
* 25% discount for IMC Students
*Negotiable day rates available (call for pricing)

Our main control room features the most cutting edge technology for engineering projects.  For a detailed list of studio equipment, gear and features please send an email or call 972.881.1915.

Nowhere is the increasing importance of music education coupled with recording, media and production support more evident than at IMC Studios. From the ground up our industry leading facilities were designed with one purpose, to provide the students and clients with a unique recording experience tailored to fit their individual style and needs with a selection of recording, isolation, live performance and tracking choices. IMC studios is a perfect example of the convergence of traditional classical music training and education blended with creativity and exposure provided by a state of the art audio and video production facility.

At IMC studios not only do we support the music conservatory and students, but we enjoy developing new artists, collaborating with established engineers, performers and bands by providing a unsurpassed music and video production facility for commercial projects as a for hire studio. With a great choice of recording and tracking rooms, including our acoustically designed and tuned 1,800 sq. ft. live performance concert venue, two more intimate tracking rooms and an isolation booth designed specifically for enhanced vocal recording and tracking, you can rest assured your creativity and music will be captured as you envisioned it, not limited by technological or space related obstacles.

IMC’s studios can accommodate a wide variety of music and video projects, and is already becoming a jewel for the local musicians, artist and film industry. With access to our award winning engineers or by providing your own, your next project is only limited by the power of your imagination; we have built this facility to help turn your dreams into a reality.

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