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Performance Hall

Performance-HallWhen we designed the performance hall and concert venue we knew that a satisfying and rewarding live performance experience involves much more than selecting high-quality audio/visual equipment but rather the sum total of the environment, acoustics, aesthetics, ergonomics, layout, lighting, spaciousness, and comfort; all having a significant impact on the listening and viewing experience. Our 1,800 sq. ft. auditorium is state of the art, and can accommodate up to 100 guests in a venue specifically engineered and designed to give the audience an optimal musical or theatrical performance by accurately reproducing and channeling the natural sounds and visuals created on the stage to each of the seats with in the auditorium. Whether classical recitals for the IMC students, or a concert crowd for live country, rock, and jazz, this concert hall offers superb acoustical clarity, and accurate reproduction of the instruments and voices performing on the stage.  The use of natural elements, along with acoustically engineered sound treatments throughout  the auditorium, combine with the our cutting edge A/V and engineering booth to create a listening and viewing experience that is unparalleled in this size performance venue.

The availability of this type of environment makes a world-class “live concert sound” available to anyone that desires the acoustic “feel” of a large hall but doesn’t want to the budget or scheduling issues that are connected with large-scale venues. Used in conjunction with our recording studio and video production facilities, live performance recordings and music videos come to life, capturing the energy and presence the performers, artist and bands want to convey to their live audiences as well as their digital reproduction of the live event for online and multimedia audiences and fans. A Dolby 7.1 surround sound system and an HD format digital video projection system brings videos and performances to life, and the stadium style theatrical seating ensures there is not a bad seat in the house.

Not limited to just live music and video productions, our facility is a great place for gatherings of all kinds.  With over 9,000 watts of sound, and a fully controllable lighting system, at IMC the party is never over, we are just getting started!

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